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Mon, Nov 12, 2018 - Sun, Dec 23, 2018

The Hello Girls at 59E59 Theaters

From New York to Paris, from ragtime to jazz-an ensemble of actor-musicians chronicles the story of America's first women soldiers in a new musical by Prospect Theater Company. These intrepid heroines served as bilingual telephone operators on the front lines, helping turn the tide of World War I. They then returned home to fight a decades-long battle for equality and recognition, paving the way for future generations. The Hello Girls celebrates the centennial of these groundbreaking women.
Wed, Dec 5, 2018 - Sun, Dec 30, 2018

The Net Will Appear at 59E59 Theaters

Bernard just wants to sit on his roof to enjoy a drink and get some peace and quiet. When his 9-year-old new neighbor, Rory discovers him out there, peace and quiet are the last things on her mind. A funny story full of heart, in which two eccentric people form an unlikely friendship. Starring Richard Masur.
Thu, Dec 6, 2018 - Mon, Dec 24, 2018

Bitter Greens at 59E59 Theaters

Reyna thought she had life all figured out. As a straight-A student, health and fitness guru, and a prestigious intern at Green Communications (a monstrous think tank with eco-friendly goals), she was on top of the world. But life after graduation is a lot messier than expected. When she discovers she's rejected from a dream job, her resentment drives her to make some bad—and dangerous—choices, fueled by jealousy and disappointment.