It’s hard to believe 18 years have passed since we opened our doors. We’ve had a lot of accomplishments over those years and we continue to develop new programming to highlight our community.

In recent years, our special events alone have drawn thousands of people to the area… and once here, we encourage them to shop, dine, and experience all that East Midtown Manhattan has to offer.

But perhaps our biggest impacts on East Midtown are unseen.

Every morning, our Clean Patrol – contracted through The Doe Fund – begins sweeping streets, emptying trash and recycling receptacles, removing graffiti, and getting East Midtown ready for business… and a lot of that work is finished before the sidewalks start to fill with people. Since 2002, almost 24 million pounds of trash and recycling has been removed from our streets, most of it unseen by the people who live and work here.

In the middle of the night, our Homeless Outreach workers from BRC are on the streets, building relationships with that vulnerable population and working to bring them into programming and housing. Over the past 14 years, our Homeless Outreach teams have brought more than 700 individuals into services, changing countless lives.

And unlike conditions in 2002, these days it’s very rare to see an illegal vendor on East Midtown streets. That’s because the members of our security patrol are highly trained in the complex city vending laws and quickly address conditions before they develop into a serious problem.

In addition to notable programming designed to bolster our businesses and enhance the community’s quality of life, the staff and Board of Directors of the East Midtown Partnership are deeply involved in public issues of importance to this community, helping to develop an East Midtown Rezoning plan, working to reform vending and street fair policies, supporting the High School of Art & Design, building bridges to the residential community… there are literally hundreds of ways we work tirelessly behind the scenes to support East Midtown.

But keep in mind our most meaningful positive effects on the community are unseen. In all forms, we will continue to meet each unique challenge with innovative approaches in this dynamic slice of the City.

Steven M. Cherniak
Chairman of the Board

Rob Byrnes


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