United Nations General Assembly Returns

United Nations General Assembly Returns

Note: We will update this page as further information becomes available. 

UPDATE (Friday, September 20) - President Trump will arrive in Manhattan for the General Assembly on Sunday, September 22. He is scheduled to address the GA on Tuesday, and may not leave until Thursday, September 26. Vice President Pence will also be in Manhattan at the beginning of the week.


East Midtown Manhattan businesses, workers, residents, and visitors should prepare for the upcoming weeks, when government leaders from across the globe attend the United Nations General Assembly, which begins on Tuesday, September 17.

Throughout the next two weeks - and especially during the period of General Debate, which begins on Tuesday, September 24 - you should expect significant and unplanned traffic and pedestrian freezes and restrictions. Use mass transit and schedule deliveries accordingly. 

NYPD's map of planned street restrictions (below) is subject to change:


For up-to-the-minute traffic and transit updates, follow Gridlock Sam on Twitter.

Trash and Recycling Receptacles: 
For security purposes, we have removed many trash and recycling receptacles from many district streets at the request of the NYC Department of Sanitation and the NYPD. These receptacles will be back in place as soon as possible. Please don't litter.

Additional Security: 
Over the next few days - and especially during the period of General Debate - expect heightened security throughout Midtown Manhattan. There will also be a number of protests, which could add to vehicular and pedestriasn gridlock.

Finally, The Upside: 
Yes, East Midtown is looking at a week full of traffic jams, clogged sidewalks, heavy security, and protests, but there is an upside! Two, actually. First, the United Nations General Assembly pumps a lot of money into local hotels, restaurants, and retailers, as world leaders and their families patronize our high-quality businesses.

But there's also an upside for you! Don't sit in frozen traffic or fight your way through protests. Instead, visit our website for a comprehensive directory of local businesses where you can eat, drink, shop, or be entertained for a few hours until things return to normal. You're sure to find a new neighborhood favorite!